January 2020

Aerial view of St Clement Danes church

January 2020 Welcome to St Clement Danes Church and 2020 Thank you for visiting our new website for St Clement Danes the central church of the Royal Air Force. The church is a perpetual shrine of remembrance to those who have died in service in the RAF. It is also a living church, prayed in and visited throughout the year … Read More

Epiphany 2


Epiphany 2 Names, names, names – any good at them??? With me: in one ear, out of the other, and I do try, but in trying I seem to make things worse. Partly, I blame other people – ‘Hello, I’m mumble mumble mumble: sorry, Who? Partly I blame my ancestors for having so many children – I had loads of … Read More

The Baptism of Christ


Baptism of Christ 2020 is an Olympic year Since London in 2012 we’ve already been to Rio. Can it really be nearly eight years since super Saturday? Tokyo this summer, then Paris, then Los Angeles…. how fast things move on. If you’ve been to Stratford recently you will know how that whole area has been transformed. Not including the wonderful … Read More



We find ourselves this morning tantalisingly close to the feast of the Epiphany and apparently it’s a great time of the year to go star spotting.